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Yes, I have to admit. I was being quiet recently. It was quite an episode and a busy time in January.
Alhamdulillah, praises to The Lord that I’m able to write again at this moment. I miss you, my readers. But also, I’ve missed myself in those quiet time.
Also in that time, I embarked in the journey of hybernation. Like bears, you know. They take time (once a year I think) to hibernate during winter (there, now I’m sure it’s once per year.)

I was always reluctant to embrace hybernation as I thought it is for the weak - which is something I’m most afraid of portraying to people around me. Gotta work on that issue, I know. My mind is always busy with, “I got to do this, owh this hasn’t been done yet, should I do those instead” kind of thing.
So obviously I need to put a stop to that and collect back my thoughts. The only thing I’ve kept myself occupied and focused on was my work. Since January is the time where I need to work on some company’s restructuring projects, I took the liberty to s…